ECH iShares Chile ETF Death Cross

We have a significant bearish technical signal on the Chile ETF, which is a significant indicator for emerging markets overall. Chile's main export is copper, which has fueled the construction boom in China that may be coming to a halt.

There has also been a significant property bubble in Chile itself and other emerging markets and BRIC countries, which has inflated just as the bubble here deflated, and may be nearing the point of popping.

A Death Cross is a significant bearish technical signal when the 50 day moving average crosses under the 200 day moving average, Click Read More for the chart:

The Bitcoin Crash: Why this was obvious and what we can learn from it

The Bitcoins finally hit the fan on Wednesday, April 10, hilariously one day after notorious late-to-the-bubble-party analyst Henry Blodget wrote an article praising it as a smart investment and that Bitcoins could "easily go to $2,350 — or higher." [1](It topped out at $265 after breaking $25 for the first time only 2 months ago, and is now down to $72[2])

The issue is very interesting because it shows very clearly the disastrous results of the "End the Fed" and return to the Gold Standard Ron Paul/Rand Paul/Paul Ryan/Tea Party crowd. But I will get to that later.

The problem with Bitcoins always has been the fact that there is no real good reason for them to exist or have value. Let me rephrase that, there is one good use for them, but it is not the one that most bitcoin speculators are excited about, at least openly. 

Watching Weakness, Taking Some Profits: EUR/USD, Forex, GOOG, NUVA, RIGL, RUT IWM TF, USD/JPY, VIX

Today I took nice profits on most of my longs as the market bounced strongly in the morning.

We are still in a bull market, but I'm cautious for the moment with the Russell 2000 lagging significantly behind.

I do think the market will bounce more tomorrow morning but it may get selling pressure and head back down from there.

My positions/Trades:

Dividend Stock Recommendations & Price Targets: GIS, CAT, JNJ, FCX, INTC, EMR, GE, HON, GD, F, BMY, PG

Not a whole lot happening in the overall market today, we are chopping around sideways making a bottom, and I am mostly long and bullish. 

Because of this, I don't recommend that you put a whole lot of money into low-volatility dividend-paying stocks like most of the list below, but someone asked me to evaluate these dividend-paying stocks so I figured I would publish it for your benefit:

Apple Update

Apple Update (AAPL) - Evening Star Explanation

Apple stock has had a sharp reversal from the $700 level, and looking at the weekly chart we see a bearish Evening Star pattern, an Evening Doji Star in fact.

This is a very strong top signal. It occurs when a strong move up to a new level meets with resistance, then strong selling back down. The doji part means that the middle candle opened and closed at basically the same level and is not terribly important in this signal, but does show a lot of uncertainty at that $700 level, which this week has given way to fear.

When you see extremes of greed and fear in such a short period, that can often signal a major reversal.

See the chart below:

Why The Russell 2000 Leads The Market

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